Our History

On February 6th 1982, 35 members of the Goshen SDA Church in Brooklyn, NY, decided to plant a new congregation. By February 13, 1982 these believers needed a place where they could worship and fellowship together. Elder David McDonald, a member of Goshen, came to the rescue and provided a home for this young church, as he had provided for Goshen years before. Pastor Lynden Walton became the shepherd of this small band, and he kept their spirit strong as ''faith is the victory'' became their theme song. They prayed together, ate together, played together and grew together. Week by week, people stopped to listen to the beautiful singing that was heard coming from Elder McDonald's day care center, which was their first temporary home. They called their church "New Haven. As the fellowship and love of the brethren grew strong, friends and relatives joined them. As such, the day care center became too small and the church had to seek new accommodations.
    In May of 1982, New Haven moved to its second home at President Street and Bedford Ave. However, as the congregation grew, the members needed a larger building. That month, their third home was found by Sis. Hermine Walton and Elder Audley Fothergill (deceased). The New Havenites spent their first Christmas together at Lincoln Place and Bedford Ave. By this time, Pastor Lyndon Walton had officially become the church's first Pastor. 
    The membership continued to grow and Elder Fothergill found what was to become their permanent home at 634 Prospect Pl, which was an old glass factory that was on the market for $250,000. The church offered $75,000 for the building but it was refused. In the end, the building was given to New Haven for a mere $8,300 -- the amount of unpaid taxes that was owed to the City. Pastor Walton then organized a cleanup project for the building and its surrounding area. The members rose in unison and in just eighteen days after taking ownership of the building, the first floor was ready to be used as the sanctuary.
    In October of 1983, the members of New Haven S.D.A Temple moved to their permanent home at 634 Prospect Place. The members now had their haven of rest. Members from neighboring churches, friends and visitors came to celebrate with the believers, giving thanks for what the Lord had done for them. Pastor Walton was later called to the Jamaica Conference and Pastor Gerald Matteson became the interim Pastor in 1986. But his stay was short lived, and in January of 1987, Pastor Hugh Maynard-Reid took over. Under Pastor Reid, the church continued to grow and prosper, and a plan for comprehensive renovations to the building was developed.
    In October of 1992, Pastor G. Earl Knight became the next Pastor of the New Haven Temple, and under his leadership the renovation project was completed. The Official opening and dedication of the New Haven Temple was held in October of 1993. At that point, the membership of the church was well over 300. Today the church continues to grow and be blessed as new Pastors have come and go. We can truly say, "To God be the glory; great things He has done."